The Cost Savings of Group Ground Transportation for Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is an integral part of business operations, but it can also be a significant expense. From flights and hotels to meals and transportation, the costs can quickly add up. However, there is one area where companies can save money without sacrificing quality: group ground transportation.

At ANGL, we specialize in providing group ground transportation solutions for corporate travel. Here are six reasons why opting for group ground transportation can lead to cost savings for your company:


  1. Economies of Scale: By consolidating transportation needs into one larger vehicle, companies can take advantage of economies of scale. The cost per person decreases as the group size increases, resulting in significant cost savings.


  2. No Parking Fees: In major cities, parking fees can be exorbitant. By using group ground transportation, companies can avoid these fees altogether.


  3. No Rental Car Fees: Renting multiple cars for a business trip can quickly become expensive. Group ground transportation eliminates the need for rental cars, saving companies money on daily rental fees, gas, and insurance.


  4. Reduced Fuel Costs: Using one larger vehicle for transportation is more fuel-efficient than using multiple cars. This can result in significant savings on fuel costs, especially for longer trips.


  5. Time Savings: Time is money, and group ground transportation can save time by eliminating the need for employees to navigate unfamiliar areas, find parking, or wait for a rental car. This allows employees to be more productive during business trips, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.


  6. Customizable Options: At ANGL, we offer a range of customizable options for group ground transportation, including luxury vehicles, shuttle buses, and motorcoaches. By choosing the right option for your company’s needs, you can save money on unnecessary expenses and ensure that your employees travel in comfort and style.


By choosing group ground transportation for your company’s corporate travel needs, you can save money without sacrificing quality or convenience. At ANGL, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality group ground transportation solutions that are reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective. Contact us today to book your next trip and experience the cost savings of group ground transportation for yourself.



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