Keep an Eye Out

Before I began my career in the motor coach industry in 2014, I knew what motor coaches were, frequently referring to them as “grey hound” buses. I understood they transported many people at one time such as a train or commuting shuttle. I did not, however, understand how involved motor coach service was in so many various industries. The experience I have gained since beginning this rolling journey has shown me how diversely important motor coaches are.

Are you a sports fan? Have you ever been to a professional or collegiate game? If the answer is yes, you would be surprised to know how important motor coaches are behind the scenes. Motorcoaches transport teams from their own locker rooms to chartered airplanes, then from those chartered airplanes to the opposing team’s stadium, and then back once the contest has concluded. The professionalism, timeliness, and seamlessness that’s required from drivers and the motorcoaches is imperative to allow the team’s focus when traveling. 

How about a convention or conference? Have you ever been involved in a specific industry wide meeting? When an abundance of attendees travel to attend a convention or conference, motorcoaches offer an affordable and efficient way of transporting a great number of people from the airport, to their hotel, to and from the convention center, to and from site visits, and of course back to the airport from their hotel once the convention or conference has concluded.

If not a convention or conference, have you ever had to travel for the company or organization you work for or are a part of? Motorcoaches, in this case as well, offer an affordable and efficient means of transportation for a group of co-workers and colleagues to tour potential commercial real estate, manufacturing plants that pertain to specific industries, or work retreats that assist in bringing a team of employees closer together.

Motor coaches also assist in providing tourists from all over the world the opportunity to tour countries they have never been to, transporting them from monument to renowned site, commonly from one coast to the other. Bringing people together, traveling across a new territory, creating memories that they will share for a lifetime, from generation to generation.

Lastly, but certainly not least, motor coach drivers and their proudly driven 50 plus passenger chariots, are called on time and time again when disaster strikes. Drivers rush toward the danger that most are trying to escape, transporting the affected masses toward safety and then returning to continue until all those who are trying to escape are dropped off to safety. 

So when you are either commuting to work, driving to see a relative, flying into a foreign country, or going to watch your favorite athletic team compete, keep an eye out for motor coaches. Now that you have a little insight on how involved they are in societies day to day, I would be willing to bet you see them more often than before you read this.