Change seems to be inevitable today.  Our world is in a constant state of change and adjusting.  At ANGL we are consistently working to meet the needs of our clients through all of their potential changes.  So, how do you make it work successfully when you don’t know when your event is taking place; if it is taking place; if it could get canceled; if the dates or times are changed; or the itinerary gets rearranged to meet special requirements?

Acknowledging these facts upfront is the first step.  We want to know from the very beginning that the dates are tentative or that the event will only be held if the attendance meets certain requirements.  Most vendors are very willing to adjust as needed especially when they know in advance.  They will be able to fully explain what the contract and cancellation requirements are as well as any special arrangements that could be made, but only if they know far enough in advance of your specific situation.

Secondly, communication is key! The more information you can provide upfront and the more honest you can be, the better the relationship will be.  As soon as you know new information regarding your event or your itinerary, share it with us.  This keeps us in the loop and not guessing.  It also can free up a bus or driver for another service that could have been missed out on if you waited until the last minute to communicate a change.  More communication means less confusion and frustration for everyone.   

If your trip is going as planned, but you have itinerary changes to make the day before or even during the trip, the best bet is to let us know and your driver.  You may or may not have the same driver each day of your event, so if you only tell the current driver the updates for the next day, it may not get passed along to the person who will actually be doing the driving.  A simple phone call or email to us along with the update to the driver can help avoid confusion and make sure you get where you need to go when you need to get there.  Most vendors also provide a 24-hour dispatch for last-minute changes and adjustments. 

Lastly, we are here for you!  Understand that the vendor is very interested in your trip to be a smooth and memorable experience.  Many times there are multiple people that are required to coordinate these updates and changes so they can be made as smoothly as possible.  Once you have established open communication and we have been able to build our relationship, you can feel confident that everyone involved is trying as hard as they can to make these accommodations for your group.  

ANGL has the experience and the relationships already built with our vetted network of providers all across the country so you can feel confident that your group will be taken care of no matter what happens along the way!