ANGL Can Work with the Basics

We sometimes find that people are confused or intimidated when wanting to get a quote for their ground transportation because they’re unsure of what they need to provide.   We can work with anything and will request more information when necessary but we thought it might be helpful to list the basics that are needed to provide a solid quote. Here they are:

1.  Dates of service – when do you need transportation?

2.  Locations – where will we be picking up, departing for and returning to?

3.  Times – this would be either flight info (arrival/departure flight times) or the approximate times you will depart from your location and get back.

4.  Rough idea of service – once you arrive at your destination, will you need local service or will you be dropped and not need transportation until your return date?

Number four is the one that people forget about most often. If an itinerary is available that details what is going on over the course of the trip, that’s great, but it’s not necessary. Just a rough idea is all that we need.   Also, for college teams that I work with, often times they don’t have number three (flight times).   I can work with that too, but in order to provide the best price, it’s always better to have flight information as well.

Having provided all of this, I should say that we’re very easy to work with. If you want a price, send us whatever you have and we’ll figure out the right questions to ask.