Adventures with Motorcoaches

So far, throughout my time in the motor coach industry, my co-workers, colleagues, and I have been allowed and privileged to experience what I like to call Adventures. I would never have been able to experience these adventures as I did, if I was not involved in the motor coach industry. 

It goes without saying that I have been brought joy, and in some cases shock and awe, from being able to experience some of these events. However, being a part of something, helping assist in the planning or seeing an event through, to bring joy and memories to those being celebrated or showcased, is the greatest part of being in the motor coach industry. 

Every adventure has been different, however collectively they all have proven to show the magnitude and importance of listening, acknowledging, and delivering an experience exactly, or as close to, how a client envisions it. With adventure comes knowledge. That knowledge is gained through investigative logistics planning, being on the ground, and seeing service through. Once an adventure comes to an end, it is continually utilized in the planning of the next adventure. Here are three examples of experience and knowledge that is carried from one adventure to the next:

  1. Understanding turnaround times of a shuttle to determine the most economical number of vehicles needed. 
  2. Knowledge of where or where not a vehicle can safely and efficiently transport its passengers. 
  3. Delivering clients with appropriate transportation solutions in terms of vehicle types and cost.

We are here to serve and how we serve is much more than just providing a ride and I will give you a couple of examples. 

NFL teams bringing the Lombardi trophy back to their city or MLB teams bringing back the World Series trophy to their city is certainly just as much of an adventure as watching the clock wind down to zero in a championship game. As we transport the teams from their home locker rooms, driving down interstates with police officers saddled on their motorcycles guiding the team and their staff to the start of a parade route just on the outskirts of their downtown, then slowly rolling through the route surrounded by a sea of thousands upon thousands of die-hard fans, watching them as they point out their favorite player in the windshield of a motor coach, screaming their names in joy as they walk off of the motor coach onto the stage to be celebrated. 

Or how about getting an entire staff of employees from their office, utilizing countless motor coaches, driving north on winding roads through massive redwood trees, arriving at a ranch with a mountain range in site. The drivers hear pleasant comments about the ride to their destination, awing over the scenery as they arrive to this beautiful ranch, along with pointing out the massive out door theatre with bleacher seating, which they will soon sit down at to watch a prescreening of a highly anticipated film set to be released in the following year. 

These are more than just a rides, they are adventures shared between a team, staff, drivers, and motor coaches.